Donairs @ Gage, Hamilton, ON



You'll love our REAL MARITIME DONAIR, made from 100% seasoned, savoury additives & no preservatives, (Halal) served in a warm pita & topped with tomatoes, onions & our own REAL sweet sauce. We are also the only place in Ontario to serve our sweet BBQ Poutine made with a secret family recipe from Quebec. 

We specialize in all things Donair!  Our menu includes Donairs, Donair Pizza, Donair Pogos & many other Donair Products! We also provide a selection of Subs, several varieties of Poutine, Falafel, Garlic Fingers...Please take a look at our full menu.

We are PASSIONATE about our food & want ALL of our customers to be satisfied!!

1127 King Street East 

(@ Connaught Ave., 1 block west of  Gage just a couple of blocks from the new Tim Horton's Stadium!

Hamilton, Ontario


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